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Take control of your own life

Why would you let agencies plan everything for you? It is your journey and you are the one who designs and creates your own truly international experience!

Conventional education agencies tend to help you in every aspect of your study abroad, which might seem grateful but often hinders your personal growth.

Although it is nice to have support while living and studying in a foreign country, being excessively dependant on the agency keeps you from becoming proactive or independent.

Life Journey Education challenges the way conventional study abroad agencies have been, and focuses on fostering truly global citizens who can take initiative in this fast-changing globalized society.

Together, we help you create the study abroad experience that you want and make a significant difference to the world!

Why choose us?

Supported more than 2,500 students!

As multinational education consultants, we have succeeded in various educational businesses for not only Japanese but also students all over the world!

Success-focused support

Unlike the many agencies that only arrange studying abroad, Life Journey acts as a life coach/mentor that focuses on supporting students to set their career or life goals so they can achieve or exceed them.

Visualized information

We are living in a 5G world. Life Journey focuses on visualizing information as simply as possible through videos and images.

Virtual office and efficient supporting system

Life Journey Education is an international education consultancy that is fully digitalized. You can obtain the same quality in our service from anywhere in the world.

International business formed by students

You are in control of your journey! We help students make their plans abroad, and give them the necessary information to thrive, so that together we can create a better study-abroad industry for the future.

Groundbreaking job guarantee service “BizAbroad”

Life Journey Education helps you get your desired job and improve your career!

What we do

We provide support at all points of your journey abroad...







Meet L.J. the Falcon, our mascot!

The falcon is a manifestation of power, agility, and gracefulness. Its symbolism speaks about victory, success, and rising above difficult situations.

This matches our vision of focusing on our clients’ success and challenging the status quo.

Just like the falcon, Life Journey strives to foster future global leaders who can make a significant difference to today’s fast-changing world!

What students have said...

Yurika Miyoshi

I studied fashion arts and business at a public college in Canada. After graduating college, I got a job at a major local retail store. Shortly after, all of Canada was beginning to lock down by Covid-19. At the same time as immigration restrictions began, there was a big delay in visa extension procedures, and my work visa expired. While I couldn't see the future, I was thinking of returning to Japan, but I had a strong desire to move to Canada, so I decided to enroll in a career college with the support of Life Journey Education. In about a month and a half, finally I got my student visa and decided to extend my stay in Canada. Currently, I’m studying IELTS while attending a career college with the aim of obtaining permanent residence in Canada!

Mark Asakawa

I have been studying at a high school in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia since my second year of high school. I’m still attending language classes, but I’m planning to go to college in September of this year. Although it is a very small town, it is a wonderful town where people are warm, the climates are really mild, and I live in nature surrounded by beautiful mountains. At school, I have a very fulfilling life where I can interact with people from all over the world and learn English through cross-cultural experiences! I still have room to improve my language skills, but I want to be able to speak more English and go to various countries around the world in the future!


I worked at an advertising company and as a free announcer in Japan. I decided to prepare for entrepreneurship while studying abroad in order to achieve my life goal of starting a business overseas. I have studied abroad in the Philippines and Canada for a short period of time, but I decided to study abroad in Malta, which is an English-speaking country that does not require isolation by Covid-19. When I actually came here in Malta, everyone was surprisingly kind. There were only positive opinions about starting a business, and I felt less anxious than when I was in Japan. Aiming to be a bridge between Japan and the world, I want to create an environment where Japanese people can live a brighter life!

Become a global citizen

Places our students have studied:

Canada | USA | Mexico | Columbia | UK | Ireland | Spain | France | Germany | Switzerland | Malta | Cyprus | UAE | China | Japan | Taiwan | Philippines | South Africa | Australia | New Zealand

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