Co-op and Internships

The Work & Study, also known as Co-op program is a program that requires off-campus internship, in addition to attending lectures within the school. This program is popular with people who want to gain practical work experience at a local company as well as in-class trainings, and is mainly offered at private colleges.

Colleges include public colleges with high admission standards and private colleges that are relatively easy to enroll.

The Co-op program is recommended for:

✔ Those who want to do an internship abroad
✔ Those who are not confident in English but want a quality experience
✔ Those who want to promote job hunting in an advantageous manner
✔ Those who have given up on college because it is difficult to enroll
✔ Those who want to keep tuition fees as low as possible

Here are some of the private colleges that Life Journey recommends.

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This is one of the programs we recommend that will provide a practical and learning experience for international students.
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