Colleges and Universities

Studying at an international university/college allows students to obtain a degree or a professional qualification while studying a specialized field of study in English. In some countries, it is also possible to work after graduation and gain work experience abroad, which will help you to achieve your dream of finding a local job or permanent residency in a foreign country.

Since studying abroad at a university/college forces students to live in an unfamiliar environment, the experience gained during the study period can help you acquire a variety of skills and greatly broaden your future options. In addition, the opportunities to meet new friends and discover new things are priceless. 

Especially for those who are looking for a new challenge, career advancement, overseas employment, or dream of becoming a permanent resident, we recommend studying at a university/college as an option for the future!

Life Journey can introduce you to a variety of schools from our partner institutions around the world to meet your needs and circumstances, and we can help you solve such problems! Here are some of the schools that Life Journey is proud to recommend, according to country.

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Schools on our website are the top-recommended schools from us which we think are the most common and well known.
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