Language Schools

Language schools are basically aimed at people aged 16 and over, and people of all ages, including working adults and retired people, gather from all over the world. Usually, the test taken on the first day is divided into classes, and you can study in a class that suits you from beginner to advanced.

The types of English you can learn include English for general communication, English for university admission, Business English, and English for exam preparation (TOEFL / IELTS, etc.). Some schools offer more specialized courses, such as teaching English, pronunciation correction, IT and medical English, and a variety of other courses. There are also extracurricular activities, and it is also attractive that there are many opportunities to experience sightseeing, sports, and local culture.

At Life Journey, we can introduce you to affiliated schools all over the world according to various requests, not limited to Canada and English-speaking countries. Here are some of the language schools that Life Journey confidently recommends for each country.

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Schools on our website are the top-recommended schools from us which we think is the most common and well known.
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