Life Journey's Vision

It all starts here.

We are living in an era where the global situation changes drastically. With a motto of

“Creating the future of studying abroad”

Life Journey Education reviews the ideal way that the agency should be and aims to raise people who are active internationally and send them out to the world as international education consultants.

Life Coach/Mentor

There are many agencies whose main business is to arrange studying abroad. In Japanese society, which puts the clients first, those agencies stop the students from being independent and growing because they support them from A to Z.

The new idea to improve the common sense of our industry is a “Life Coach/Mentor”.

A Life Coach/Mentor means a partner who supports clients to set goals in their career or life, and achieve or exceed them.

Normally, there are some counselors and advisors at the agencies to give some advice to the clients. Their relationship is similar to a teacher and a student.

On the other hand, the relationship between a Life Coach/Mentor and the clients is equal. As a partner, a Life Coach/Mentor supports them to achieve their goals.

In 2020,

borders had been closed in every country due to the pandemic.

There are a lot of people who have been forced to put off or cancel studying abroad because of being laid off or a decrease in income.

Named “Life Journey – Dream Fund”, this scholarship project was begun by teams who have the experience of studying abroad to support those who are giving up their dream of studying abroad for such financial reasons.

YOU are in control of your Life Journey.

Life Journey Education helps students make their life plan abroad and informs them of live experience abroad, so that we change the common sense of our industry, create the studying abroad of the future, and expand our international business.

Together, We Create.

Better Education for a Better World.

Step Forward and Live Your Life!

It all starts here.

Life Journey Enterprise

  • Study Abroad General Services (University / College / Vocational School / Language School Registration, Homestay / Room Rent / Student Dormitory Arrangement, International Student Insurance Arrangement, Visa Support, Counseling)
  • Career support (Japan/Abroad)
  • Multicultural Events (fairs, seminars, language lessons, meetups)
  • Overseas information/school information search App development
  • Online language lessons
  • EC business to deliver Japanese products and foods overseas
  • Web/Social Media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Influencer marketing