Your Journeys

We're proud to help students make unforgettable study abroad experiences. Check out some of their stories!

Yurika Miyoshi

I studied fashion arts and business at a public college in Canada. After graduating college, I got a job at a major local retail store. Shortly after, all of Canada was beginning to lock down by Covid-19. At the same time as immigration restrictions began, there was a big delay in visa extension procedures, and my work visa expired. While I couldn't see the future, I was thinking of returning to Japan, but I had a strong desire to move to Canada, so I decided to enroll in a career college with the support of Life Journey Education. In about a month and a half, finally I got my student visa and decided to extend my stay in Canada. Currently, I’m studying IELTS while attending a career college with the aim of obtaining permanent residence in Canada!

Tomozumi Nakasato

I have studied English through ELS classes at a school called IPU New Zealand University, which is affiliated with Japan's IPU International Pacific University, and am currently studying at Diploma Tourism course. Meanwhile, New Zealand was forced into quarantine for four weeks due to the Covid-19. Classes have switched to online and I was discouraged from studying, but I feel that it was just an excuse for not being able to study because of Covid-19, and it was an important time to improve my abilities through independent study. If you are looking to study abroad even a little, please just try!

Arisa Nakamura

I worked for an IT company in Japan for about two years. Currently, I’m working in digital marketing while studying business in Toronto. Ontario, where I live, is in the middle of a lockdown, so there are a lot of people who can't work, but even in this situation, there are people who find a way and to be active. I have acquired the skill to think for myself what is needed in this world and make an instant decision. I’m now aiming for a profession where I can utilize my strong sales skills, and I am about to start qualifying for that. Advice for everyone: "Make an effort to achieve your aim!"


I worked at an advertising company and as a free announcer in Japan. I decided to prepare for entrepreneurship while studying abroad in order to achieve my life goal of starting a business overseas. I have studied abroad in the Philippines and Canada for a short period of time, but I decided to study abroad in Malta, which is an English-speaking country that does not require isolation by Covid-19. When I actually came here in Malta, everyone was surprisingly kind. There were only positive opinions about starting a business, and I felt less anxious than when I was in Japan. Aiming to be a bridge between Japan and the world, I want to create an environment where Japanese people can live a brighter life!

Santa Arimoto

What impressed me the most when I was studying abroad happened at the Rugby World Cup. I went to watch the Rugby World Cup games several times, and I was able to help people in need, such as those who got lost or who got on the wrong train, without hesitation. It may seem to be a very trivial event, but I felt that the Japan’s ‘Omotenashi (hospitality)’ culture was surely expressed to foreigners in a foreign language. What I have cultivated by living and studying in several foreign countries is that I was able to remove the barriers that Japanese people have toward foreigners. I plan to study at an American university for half a year next year, and this experience will definitely pay off!

Marin Mizote

I participated in an international summer camp held in Toronto. I was able to communicate with international students from various countries such as China, the Philippines, Italy, and Mexico using English, which is not my first language. This is what I think is one of the interesting things about international summer camps. There are classes on weekdays, but because they are divided into multiple classes, I was able to take classes in a class that suits my level. The two weeks spent interacting with fellow international students from various cultural backgrounds has become an irreplaceable experience.

Kaisei Araki

I studied in Toronto, Canada, thinking that it is important to further broaden my horizons and values by learning about the culture and values of other countries. I think Toronto is good because it is safe and very open to cultural diversity. Because in the present age, it is easy to keep in touch with friends in other countries on Social Media, and it is easy to get information about what is happening in other countries. It’s very interesting to have friends all over the world, and share different ideas. It was a very exciting and interesting study abroad experience with a series of surprises such as scenery that I had never seen and common sense that does not apply in Japan.

Kosei Matsushita

Since I had never been away from my parents and lived by myself, I was nervous and anxious at first. But those feelings lasted only for a month. I want to learn English, and to make friends with people from all over the world. I want to exchange opinions with them and gain as much experience as possible. I'm also planning to go to college and study the IT industry. I enjoy studying english at the language school. I realized the importance of speaking English rather than "studying". Studying abroad allows you to experience a lot of things. I've been having the most thrilling and fulfilling days in the 19 years of my life. Of course you might get a culture shock but it will also be one of the good experiences. I think you should do it if you have a chance!

Evelyn, Ecuador

Canada allows you to know different cultures, each person has their way of thinking, acting, and seeing the world, and when you are in class, you realize that. Also, the language is crucial, English allows you to connect with all of them, and if you don't know it, it drives you to learn it.

Alan, Mexico

This experience has given me a lot because education is very different. Studying and living abroad requires immersing yourself in the culture and practicing the language in daily activities.

Celina, Mexico

I chose Canada as a country to live an international experience because of its educational level and the opportunity to get to know new cultures. So far, the learning has seemed very good to me, and I am sure that it will be useful to me in the future.