Steps to Study Abroad

“I want to study abroad, but I don’t know what to start with.”

You are not the only one who has such troubles. Here, we will explain the steps to study abroad by using an infographic.


Decided the Country/Region to Study

First, you need to decide where to study, what you will learn, and what you want to do.
Please feel free to use the Life Journey homepage and videos.


Free Consultation with Life Journey

We will answer questions and concerns about your study abroad destination by email, chat, or face-to-face.
We will also provide study abroad materials and school information as needed.


Attend Trial Lessons

Many schools accept face-to-face (those already on site) or online (those in Japan) trial lessons.


Decided the school and duration of study

Collect necessary documents such as high school diploma, transcript, and proof of English proficiency.
Life Journey will guide you and apply for you.


Receive the Letter of Acceptance

As soon as you receive admission from the school, we will prepare the necessary documents for visa application.


Apply for the Visa

Life Journey will apply for a visa on your behalf as soon as you have the required documents.
The processing time ranges from one week to one or two months. (Depending on country / visa type)


Receive Visa & Departure

Congratulations! You got a permit to study!
Book your ticket according to your study plan.
Now, bring your passport and Happy Flight!


Arrival & Start of Your Journey!

The long-awaited start of journey!
Life Journey also offers on-site services such as airport pick-up as needed.