Dream Fund: Scholarship Program for Youths to Study Abroad

“Dream Fund - Scholarship Project for youths to study abroad” is a scholarship for international students sponsored by Life Journey Education that raises funds through media such as crowdfunding.

What brought us to kick off this project was Covid-19 and the restrictions for travelers all over the world.

Due to the pandemic, borders have been closed in every country. There are a lot of youths who have been forced to put off or cancel studying abroad because of being laid off or a decrease in income.

Named “Dream Fund”, this project has begun to support those who are giving up their dream of studying abroad for such financial reasons.

Our goal is to help their dreams come true by granting scholarships to many international students who need funds.

*If you would like to support this program, please contact us at: info@lifejourney-edu.com

Applying period: TBA

Who's eligible?

  • Wish to study abroad for more than 1 year in the second half of 2021 or 2022
  • Consent to any interviews, filming, or posting your name, face and voice on social media
  • Will be 18 – 25 years old when you begin the program

Eligible Countries:

Canada, US, UK, Malta, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand (and possibly others in the future)

Eligible Learning Institutions:

Any school (language school, college, or university) that is partnered with Life Journey Education (more than 1,500 institutions)

Who's NOT eligible?

  • Have sufficient funds for studying abroad
  • Already applied for studying abroad by yourself or through another agency
  • Are not graduated from high school
  • Don’t consent to posting your name, face and voice on social media
  • Have a criminal record or are liable to get in trouble when studying abroad



    1. The preliminary selection will be based on submissions; results to be announced by email
    2. The final selection will be conducted by interview; results to be announced by email
    3. Successful entrants will have consultations with Life Journey Education
    4. Determine the country to study abroad in and apply 
    5. Go on a journey!


    • Financial status
    • Enthusiasm
    • Specific purpose for studying abroad
    • Dreams for the future / goals after studying abroad