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Explore the culture, landscapes, and dynamic cities of Japan. Our unique tours take you to undiscovered gems you won't find in any guidebook.
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Tokyo Hands-on Traditional Crafting “Eddo Kiriko Glass” at Asakusa 【5hours】

Immersion in traditional Japanese history and culture! You can learn traditional Japanese crafts from local masters and take home a unique piece of art you created yourself.


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Foodie Izakaya hopping in Kamara 【4 hours】

Are you craving the best food? Enjoy local food as well as Izakaya hopping with a foodie host in a non-touristy Tokyo city.

¥22,320 / person


Immerse yourself in the world of matcha at Asakusa【4 hours】

This tour immerses you in the world of Japanese tea, from the traditional tea ceremony to matcha and delicious wagashi sweets.

¥20,160 / person


Travel back in time to “Showa Retro” at Odaiba【5 hours】

Trending in Japan! Travel back in time to Tokyo’s nostalgic past! Experience the retro atmosphere of the Showa period! And enjoy a fun night at a traditional Japanese Izakaya.



Enjoy Japanese Board Games and the culture of “Kotatsu” at Shinjuku【5~6 hours】

Make Japanese friends! Learn the Japanese language and culture through “board games” and a visit to a local Kotatsu Izakaya experience.

¥22,320 / person

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