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CLIC International House

Seville Cadiz Malaga

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A language school in Seville, the central city of the Andalusia region, which is said to be the most beautiful and traditional city in Spain. CLIC is affiliated with International House (IH), a language school in 52 countries around the world, and can be combined with other IH courses. Instructors who are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of Japanese people provide support while observing the progress in detail. In addition to quality lessons, you can interact in Spanish with colleagues from all over the world through a variety of cultural experience programs.

Number of students: Approximately 200
Number of students per class: 5-10
Program fee: Approximately 205 euro / week (separate admission fee, textbook fee)

Popular Programs: General Spanish, DELE / SIELE Preparation Courses, Intensive, Business Spanish, University Preparation Courses, Summer Camps

✔ Many years of teaching experience for Japanese students
✔ A lively class with a small number of people
✔ Progress check and support by the instructor
✔ 8 level class structure according to European language level
✔ Realistic Spanish useful in real life
✔ Abundant cultural activities
✔ Offering two free individual lessons for Japanese

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