Study at a Chinese National University in Japan! What is JINAN UNIVERSITY?

JINAN University

Beyond the degree and expertise, Jinan University allows students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Japanese and Chinese culture, gain an international perspective, and prepare for future overseas employment.

This article introduces Jinan University, Japan Campus, a Japanese School of Foreign Universities designated by the Minister of Culture and Science, initiated by the 115-year-old National University of China.

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Table of Contents

1.What is Jinan University?

2.Why Jinan University? – 5 Major Reasons –

3.Faculty Introduction

4.Scholarship Program

5.Campus Life at Jinan University


1. What is Jinan University?

Jinan University is one of China’s “double first-class” (an abbreviation for world-class university and first-class department) national comprehensive universities, ranked in the top 2% of all universities in China, with a 115-year history.

The Japanese Institute of Jinan University aims to contribute to multiculturalism and human development
by nurturing talented individuals who will spread their wings not only in Southeast Asia but also in Western countries at large.

The school motto of Jinan University is Loyalty, Trust, Sincerity, and Respect.

In addition, as an educational philosophy, Jinan University promotes education to foster human resources who possess the following six abilities at a high level.

In this regard, its mission is not only to promote humanities exchange and friendship between Japan and China but also to promote multicultural exchange and mutual learning around the world, as well as to contribute to the building of a community of common destiny for humankind.

2. Why Jinan University? – 5 Major Reasons –

Jinan University offers a wide variety of educational support and activities, providing students with a diverse range of attractions for their academic studies.

Among the many attractions, here are five key reasons:

1. Acquire Chinese language skills that can be used in the real world, as well as specialized knowledge necessary for business

Students will be able to go from “0” in their Chinese study history to level 6 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK) and work overseas.

All classes at NIHON Gakuin are taught in Chinese, and the direct teaching method is used to cultivate the ability to learn, speak, read, and practice the Chinese language.

In addition, students can also learn specialized knowledge of international economics and trade necessary for business.

2. Offer a variety of study-abroad options to learn about Chinese culture

Jinan University offers language study tours and other exchange activities for learning Chinese culture from time to time. It also offers study abroad programs at Jinan University’s main campus.

3. Gain practical and special experience

Jinan University promotes a practical educational environment by regularly hosting academic conferences, research presentations, and symposiums.

It also provides students with special opportunities to expand their network of contacts and engage in China-Japan trade in the vast Chinese market.

4. Besides obtaining degrees etc., it offers an extensive system for transferring to other universities and recommending students for graduate school

Jinan University allows students to obtain a degree from a Chinese national university approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Moreover, students are qualified to enter Japanese graduate schools, etc., and are allowed to transfer credits with Japanese universities. 

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can also be recommended for admission to both the school and Japanese graduate schools.

5. Provide a variety of support for student success

A full range of scholarships and tuition waiver programs are available for most students. 

Jinan University also provides an international learning environment that attracts students from all over the world, as well as thorough support for international students seeking employment.

3. Faculty Introduction

Bachelors Degree

  • Faculty of Chinese / Academic Program: 4 years / Degree: Bachelor of Arts

As China’s presence in the international community grows, the demand for Chinese language courses is increasing day by day. The Chinese Language Department provides students with the opportunity to learn the Chinese language as well as Chinese culture and customs from native Chinese speakers, which will be a valuable asset for students in their future international careers.

  • Faculty of Chinese Language Education / Academic Program: 4 years / Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Literature)

The Department of Chinese Language Education provides students with the basic knowledge and skills in international Chinese language education. After graduation, students can work as Chinese language education specialists in various fields at home and abroad. In addition to various educational institutions, the program aims to develop bilingual, cross-cultural, and practical professionals in domestic and international companies, organizations, and groups.

Masters Degree

  • Graduate School of International Chinese Language Education / Degree: Master of Arts
  • Graduate School of Chinese Language and Literature / Degree: Master of Arts
  • Graduate School of Business Administration / Degree: Master of Business Administration
  • Graduate School of Media and Communication / Degree: Master of Arts
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) / Degree: Master of Business Administration

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Graduate School of Chinese Language and Literature / Degree: Doctor of Literature
  • Graduate School of Media and Communication / Degree: Doctor of Literature

4. Scholarship Program

Jinan University offers a variety of scholarships for students with outstanding academic achievements or those who have financial difficulties in their studies.

The following are examples:

Scholarship chart

5. Campus Life at Jinan University

Jinan University offers various cultural exchanges and Japan-China friendship activities as part of its school activities.

Cultural Exchange

China cultural exchange with Japan

Social contribution activities (Chinese language education)

Club Activities

・Soccer Club ・Tai Chi Club ・Table Tennis Club

・Batminton club ・Art club ・Calligraphy club

・Tea ceremony club ・Kokuto club ・Dance club ・Folk song club

6. Summary

Jinan University allows students to attend a Chinese national university while living in Japan, helping to foster not only cultural exchange between Japan and China but also an international perspective as well as the development of bilingual and practical human resources.
Students will have the opportunity to enjoy rich and fulfilling student life, with a variety of student support services to help students reach their full potential and enjoy their student life!

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